Bath time will never be the same again…

Fresh from their sell out season at the Sydney Opera House and their hugely successful run at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Soap the splash filled glamorous style spectacle will captivate you this winter.

Bathtubs become the steamy playground for this amazing company of jugglers, dance trapeze artists and aerialists who perform the most amazing feats.

With a pumping soundtrack of pop, blues and rock, the delicious cast of characters perform a stunning series of water-soaked acts to an eclectic soundtrack that includes the music of Mika, Sia, Tool, Gnarls Barkley and Goldfrapp. There’s also Soap’s very own gorgeous diva, American opera singer Jennifer Lindshield.

From Chinese pole and straps to trapeze and aerial silk, the show includes moments of divine beauty – a captivating handbalancing performance on a bath ledge – to a humorous love story between two feet.

A truly “cleansing” theatrical experience, Soap demonstrates the beauty and strength of the human form.

October 2015