La Pasion de Buena Vista

The spectacular show arrives in Israel to take the Israeli audience through the perfect Cuban experience for the first time and after over 600 performances and a crowd of 600 Thousand all around the world.

With a unique combination of Singers and Dancers wearing the most extraordinary costumes, La Pasion de Buena Vista is an amazing, one of a kind show that leads the audience through the exotic islands’ most popular hits of all times: ” Besame Mucho”, “ La Vida es un Carnaval” and more.

Together with The Buena Vista Company,eleven talented and skilled musicians conducted by the famous Musical Director Ramon Puable.

La Pasion de Buena Vista presents the history of Cuban Music having the Cuban warm atmosphere come through in its full glory.

Exotic tempos and magnificent setting will take through a journey to Cuba’s astounding nights!

December 2017