Yang Li Ping – The Rite of Spring

Choreography: Yang Li Ping
Music: Stravinsky & traditional Tibetean music

The renowned Chinese choreographer whose works have captivated audiences in Israel and all over the world returns with her ravishing interpretation of The Rite of Spring showcasing the cycle of life from birth through death to rebirth and violent reality.

Leading Chinese choreographer Yang Liping’s latest modern dance interpretation “Rite of Spring” offers a new take of the Western classic through Eastern philosophy, wisdom and aesthetics.

Yang’s “Rite of Spring” is infused with the Tibetan elements featuring a woman who sacrifices, awakes and is reborn, a priest who is regarded as an oppressor, a lion symbolizing authority, old world and inviolable rules, and a peacock which is a metaphor for hope and nirvana. The peacock has become Yang’s personal physical embodiment throughout her career.

The performance intends to create an abstract universe where space, time and life coexist in the transient sense of a cycle.

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