The Trockadero Ballet – Monte Carlo

The virtuosic ballet company from Monte Carlo where a male-only company dances all the female roles, is returning for a colorful, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable show.

The Trockodero Ballet combines virtuosity with a great love for dance, a brilliant comic approach with the incredible fact that men can in fact dance on point without falling on their faces.

The members of the company are all men, classically trained dancers, who have danced in the top and leading dance companies around the world. This troupe of dancers performs classical and modern dance pieces from a global repertoire, while maintaining the strictest levels of technical dance execution combined with a lot of humor.

This is an evening of enjoyment and laughter, but you cannot forget for a moment that you are watching classical and modern dance of the highest quality and on the most advanced levels.

“The Trockadero Ballet, with men playing women’s roles, presented a sophisticated parody of classical dance…and if the start of the stumbling appeared to denote amateurishness, as the show progresses they demonstrated impressive technical abilities”.
(Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz)

October 2013