The Sensual Parisian Cabaret

Crazy Horse

Ten professional and beautiful dancers with unforgettable names are presenting French beauty and seduction at their best. The already special performance stands out even more thanks to minimalistic costumes, original music and spectacular light effects which are making it hard to see when the naked body ends and the reflection starts. The result is one of a kind show who’s misleading the eye and the mind.

CRAZY HORSE, the mythic cabaret club from Paris, Has been producing events praising the woman body and woman in general for the past 60 years. When the dancers go up on stage, to their body’s only bare skin, tight muscles and deluding lighting- the magic starts hypnotizing the audience.

FOREVER CRAZY is a collaboration of a few unusual creators, managed by Andrée Deissenberg, Dick welsh’s artistic successor. They’re mission was to create a show full of Parisian glamour, with the delicacy and quality of the legendary cabaret repertoire. Some of the parts in the show were created by the French choreograph and artistic director Philippe Decouflé, others by Alain Bernardin himslef – and some such as Final Fantasy and Underground Purple, were created by the choreograph and a dancer in the club – Patricia Foley , also known as Psycho Tycho.

February 2017