The Igor Moiseyev Ballet company

The largest dance company in the world with a one of a kind show – 80 dancers, hundreds of colorful costumes comes together for an unforgettable show.

The Igor Moiseyev Ballet company is coming back Israel with a special show for its 80th anniversary. The show will present the colorful and diverse creations of folklore dance artist Igor Moiseyev. The program will include a fascinating verity of Moiseyev’s creations: Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Argentinean folklore dances, and a special creation dedicated to Jewish dance and music.

The second part of the show will include the 80 dancers performing the piece “A night on a Bald Mountain”, with the music of Igor Mosorsky, in which Moiseyev combines classical dance and folklore dance into a piece of art.

“The Moiseyev Dance Company’s energy, virtuosity, precision and ingenious distillation of folk styles from many lands set audiences cheering worldwide” (The new York times, 2007)

May 2017