The Best of Image

Black Light Theater, Prague

The Black Light Theater of Prague is coming to Israel for an exciting, sensual and imaginative show in which everything appears to be floating on air.

The Best of Image show of the Black Light Theater is comprised of dance, pantomime and fascinating new attractions, and enables the audience to experience black theater in all its shadesThe darkness is filled with surprises, and the unseen actors stir the imagination and senses.

The principle of this theater is based on the relationship between human energy and various objects. The entire show takes place in the dark, the characters on the stage wear black, and only specific elements of their clothing are lit with ultra-violet light. The use of this lighting creates the impression that the stage is void of actors and the elements appear to float on air.

The Black Light Theater is a theatrical style shrouded in mystery with its roots in Asia, and, over the years it has found its way into other parts of the world, especially Prague. The theater stages productions all over the world and attracts a huge audience, which delights in this unique and unusual experience of movement, color, sound and dance.