Shen Wei Dance Arts

The Chinese-born American choreographer Shen Wei is one of the most important and fascinating artists in the world today, with two shows that have been dubbed “perfect” by the critics.

Shen Wei, the multi-disciplinary choreographer and artist who was behind the choreography at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, is coming to Israel with his company. The company will stage an evening of unique dance comprised of two shows choreographed by Shen: “Rites of Spring” and “Folding”.

“Rites of Spring” is a dialog between movement, music and visual images performed by 12 dancers to the Stravinsky composition for piano four-hands.

“Folding” is a hypnotic journey into the depths of the choreographer’s soul, through dreamscapes of letters and symbols, flashes and sounds.

The movements of the dancers are magnetic and capture the audience. The music is resplendent in its beauty and shifts between a compilation of Buddhist chants and ethereal pieces of music by British composer John Tavener.

October 2013