Seven Pianos on One Stage + Shalva Group

Gil Shochat returns with a well known and loved piano concert, now hosting Arkady Duchin, a composer and vocalist. Together with the virtuoso pianists, Gronich, Lugsi, Petashka and the one and only Shalva Group.


This time, the seven piano performances host the audience’s favorite, a composer and vocalist, who broke through the walls of Israeli pop scene with his unique style – Arkady Duchin. Together with Shalva group, a band that has thrilled millions of listeners and viewers around the world, a group with an astonishing human story connected to a remarkable musical quality. Duchin and Shalva will join the following artists: singer and composer Shlomo Gronich, with new works, international jazz pianist Leonid Petashka, with fast-paced piano pieces, Daniela Lugassi, and a string of internationally renowned classical pianos.

Date to be Announced soon​​