Salut Salon

    The International known quartet, now in Israel.

    Classical music like you’ve never heard before.

    The Four virtuosic soloists of Salut Salon are performing the classical repertoire of chamber music with a smile, a wink and in a captivating way.

    A classical experience fused with a modern beat – classical music at it’s best, with a twist.

    “Salut Salon quartet combine virtuosity, acrobatics and a sense of fun in their performances. The result is surprising, enchanting and overall, entertaining” (YourClassical, 2015)

    “Classical music can really be this sexy – daring, funny, sparkling like Champagne – virtuosic, sophisticated and playful” (BILD Zeitung, 2006)

    “Extraordinary pieces … even the biggest classical-musical dunce will become a fan!” (Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz , 2013)

  • April 19th - opera house – tel aviv
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  • April 20th - Hiafa's auditorium
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  • April 21st – The Jerusalem Theatre
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  • April 22nd – mishkan Ashdod
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