Pilobolus – Shadowland

    Cannes Award winner and Grammy nominee- ‘Pilobolus’ Company returns to Israel with a new adventure and a magical love story journey! Two people, trying to protect an imaginary bird, taking us through a crazy adventure with Sci-Fi elements, Film Noir and comedy, using technic which combines animation, video art, and shadow theater.

    “A triumph of ingenuity.”… HUFFINGTON POST

    “With this show, Pilobolus has revived the amazement of the theatre. Magic!”…


    “The heroes in the story are a pair of lovers.. an innocent ostrich kidnapped by a nasty robot, and nine constantly changing dancers …they dart behind a screen — a rocketship, the Eiffel Tower, a car, a chair, a waiter in a “Rooftop Café”, a whole herd of ostriches… a pure pleasure!”… Hamburger Abendblatt

  • 13-17/11 – Herzliya
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