Larreal – Estampas de Espana

    The beautiful show that concurred Europe and USA is coming to Israel for the 1st time. The 17 talented dancers are going to amaze you in their new show Estampas de Espana. The show combines the best of Spanish style dance:                    

    Clasico- espanol- theatrical style to the music of great Spanish composers.

    Jota- a dance known throughout Spain. It varies by region, having a different characteristic form in each region.

    And Flamenco.

    Join us in this journey of passion and young love.

  • 19.7 - Tel Aviv
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  • 20.7 - Carmiel
  • 21.7 - Herzliya
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  • 23.7 - Jerusalem
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  • 24.7 - Haifa
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