Miniature Electric Train Exhibition

The International Miniature Electric Train Exhibition is in Israel for the first time. It’s an ‎extraordinary experience for the whole family.‎

This massive, modular and fascinating exhibition presents the world of trains in various ‎historic eras – from steam to electric. It includes rare and unique examples of trains flown ‎in from all over the world, on loan from well-known collectors, especially for exhibition in ‎Israel.‎

The exhibition includes about 40 trains travel over about 1.5km of train tracks, over bridges and through tunnels, ‎through perfectly replicated European terrains with parks, gas stations, restaurants, ‎buildings, lakes, rivers and beautiful scenery. A central computer operates all the movements of the trains and cars. ‎‎

The exhibition takes place in an air conditioned hangar at the Old Jerusalem Train ‎Station, which, in recent years, was transformed into a dynamic entertainment center at ‎the heart of the capital. Restaurants, shops, children’s activities, art fairs and trendy ‎Segway tours are just a few of the fun options available to visitors to the Station, which ‎has quickly become the hub of Jerusalem’s culture, entertainment and fun. ‎

Combining a visit to this unique exhibition with a trip to the exciting Old Train Station promises to ‎offer visitors many hours of enjoyment. ‎There’s plenty of parking available.