Deborah Colker

Tatyana – Deborah Colker’s latest work – seeks inspiration from a literary classic: “Tatyana” brings the characters of Pushkin’s verse novel, Eugene Onegin.Debra Colker express her creativity without words, only through the scenic wonder inherent in the pages of classic literature.

 Last time, the company surprised us with a climbing wall and this time in the center of the stage is a huge tree. Inspired by the athlete experience, colker combines the dance world with the world of sports and circus and the result is an intriguing work, attractive and unexpected.

The performance earned her Tatiana 5 stars British newspaper The Guardian.

“Tatiana” is the most exciting work of Deborah Colker so far. “The Guardian, 2013

“Tatiana Deborah Colker is an event not to be missed.”

“Tatiana” is a fascinating and conquering.” Evening Standard 2014

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