Concerto for the ‘Gashash’ and Orchestra

You are invited to fall back in love with the ‘Gashash’ through an original orchestral interpretation of the troupe’s legendary sketches and songs!

The Israeli Opera is delighted to host the new production of the Revolution Orchestra: “Concerto for the ‘Gashash’ and Orchestra.” The performance brings The ‘Gashash Hachiver’ trio back to the stage in an entirely new way, which redefines the essence of the mythological trinity that has become synonymous with Israeliness.

The show offers a unique musical perspective on and interpretation of the artistic work of the Gashash Hachiver. Weaving a mosaic of original works and orchestral arrangements with video and audio samples from sketches and songs by the Gashash, the show is a celebration of the unique language and wealth of action they commanded as singers, actors, and entertainers.

Their sketches, songs, and movies pave the road to a wild and entertaining orchestral music fantasy.

The orchestral live music guides the scenes in an innovative, original, and surprising adaptation, at times, by changes to the plotline of the original sketches, at others, by the particular integration of the orchestra into those sketches.

Conductor: Roi Oppenheim // Participants: Dvir Bendek and Dikla Hadar

Composer and arranger: Amir Lekner // Artistic directors: Zohar Sharon, Roi Oppenheim and Amir Lekner.

Video Art Design: Nimrod Tzin // Sound Design: Valery Kotler // Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea // Writer: Gur Koren

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