Bridal dance – klezmer-musical

In September, the world’s first klezmer musical, the Bridal Dance, will arrive to Israel. Created by Ferenc Jávori Fegya, Kossuth Prize-winning composer, who, as the founder of Budapest Klezmer Band, represents Hungarian klezmer music better than anyone. The musical was written by István Kállai and György Böhm, the lyrics were written by Tibor Miklós, composed by Ferenc Jávori.

The extraordinary and touching piece is presented by the Hungarian State Operetta Theater in Israel with more than a hundred performers on stage.

Ferenc Jávori’s own klezmer band will also join the singers, musicians and dancers.

The story takes place in a Romanian-Hungarian-Jewish settlement in Transylvania. András Bárány – son of a well-off farmer – is holding a bachelor party, preparing for his wedding with the poor, but very pretty Rózsi Patkós. It turns out that Rózsi does not have the necessary papers Mrs. Majzik, turns to the Cluj Orphanage for information. It turns out that Rózsi is not really the daughter of the Patkós couple, but was actually adopted. The real father was the owner of the late Blum Solomon mill, and the mother was Regina Weiz, seduced by that Blum, and who died soon after delivery. As such, it turns out that Rózsi is not actually Christian, as she believed so far, but Jewish! Her environment, her friends and girlfriends push her out of the community. The desperate Rózsi is taken in by the Jewish barman-turned philosopher of the village, Uncle Herskovich. He gives her a home and, in his own way, begins to teach her about her new faith.

September 2019