Blanca Li – Robot

Blanca Li, the award-winning artist of multiple masks, brings us her latest work – ROBOT, in which she examines in a clever, profound, funny and exciting way, the human relations with the machine and fuses together extraordinary dancers, contemporary dance, humanized robots and a magnificent orchestra.

Blanca Li: ” I look for the connection between the human body and the artificial, while asking many questions: Where are the limits between us and them? Will the most sophisticated machine be able to replace humans and our relationship with nature?”

Funny and touching, 90 minutes that raise questions about what it is to be human, robot, and what the technologic future holds for us” (Allen Jacobs, 2015)

“Blanca Li brings together humans and robots in a futuristic, funny and touching performance” (Le Parisian)

“Robot is a reflection on a society relying on computers and electronics. This show is about our social addiction to technology, with strong visuals, mischievous choreography and blunt humor” (EL PAIS, 2013)

October 2017