Bejart Ballet

After a very long absence, Bejart Ballet Lausanne, without a doubt one of the best Dance Companies in the world, is visiting Israel again.

Bejart Ballet will present two programs, the best of Maurice Bejart, the celebrated and innovative pioneer of modern dance creations.

The first program, Bolero, to Maurice Ravel’s music, is considered one of the Company’s Masterpieces. It is provocative and seductive, with a strong erotic substance.

The second, Ballet for Life, to Queen’s songs and Mozart’s music, was created to commemorate Freddie Mercury, Queen’s soloist, Jorge Donn, a dancer in Bejart Ballet and Gianni Versace the designer, three young creators who died too young for love.

“A ballet about youth and hope, as hopeless and optimistic as they are. Despite everything, I believe that “the show must go on”, as Queen put it in one of their songs.” (Maurice Bejart)

Program A:

Bolero – music: Maurice Ravel

Another creation of Maurice Bejart

Program B:

Ballet for Life

Choreography: Maurice Bejart

Music: Queen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Costumes: Gianni Versace

October 2016