Baila Brazil – Balé de Rua

For the 1st time in Israel- Balé de Rua. The group presents the show Baila Brazil- a delirious history enacted in hip hop, breakdance, capoeira, percussion and faith. A dance that comes from the street in a culture where the street is a symbol of freedom. Although they first wanted to show their way from the streets all the way to the stage, they soon realized that they are talking about all Brazilian people. The survival for Brazilians was through and thanks to the dance what is reflected in the show with an integration of history, tradition and culture.  

“If you’ve ever wanted to go to Brazil but never got round to booking that plane ticket… It’s the next best thing.”

“… in this celebration of Brazilian music and dance that would get even the most reserved person tapping their feet and rolling their heat to the beat.”

November 2016