For the first time in Israel! The contemporary, virtuosic and acrobatic show, filled with energy and creativity that was developed in collaboration between French choreographer Mourad Merzouki and a group of 11 young dancers from Rio de Janeiro following a meeting five years ago at a street performance at the Biennial in Lyon.

The personal stories of the young dancers, who grew up in the favelas of Rio, astounded the director of the Käfig company and sparked his imagination. The motivation was their strong desire to express themselves and their ambition to show the audience the passion for dance that was burning inside them.

“Agwa” is a dance about water, the vital element of our bodies and our existence, the source of life, the foundation and precious resource that we have to preserve, conserve and regenerate, the symbol of refreshment and rebirth.

The dancers seamlessly mix hip hop, Capoeira, Samba, Bosanova, Baroque, with electronic music to amazing results – dance that’s impressive in its beauty, full of joy and humor. The show was produced in 2008, staged with great success about 200 times around the world and received rave reviews.