“Paganini” is not just another concert, but an innovative musical show from Spain, that breathes life into classical music masterpieces, in a unique and comical way.

    Four talented musicians who play, dance, bounce around, laugh and cry, and with the help of the audience turn the show into a comedy that knocks you off your feet.

    All through the show, the violins and Cello turn into a different kind of instruments, when playing greatest hits by Mozart, Chopin, Boccherini, Sarasate and of course Paganini, together with up to date Pop and Rock songs.

    So why Paganini you ask? The complex compositions, the bubbly personality and the incredible musical commentary – each of those qualities perfectly expresses this amazing Violinist and Composer’s spirit and genius which inspires every second of this show.

    A Virtuoso, pleasurable musical parody you won’t forget any time soon!

  • 25.1.18- Haifa
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  • 26.1.18- Tel Aviv
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  • 27.1.18- Airport City
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  • 28.1.18- Ashdod
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  • 29.1.18- Jerusalem
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