Lareal – Mosaico Español

    Pictures from Spain, colorful journey between the landscapes of Spain, her music and especially the varied dance created in it, all this and more in the performance of the dance company Lareal. The company  performs widely throughout Spain and has been invited to perform in several festivals around the world and has won acclaim from critics and audiences. Lareal will arrive in Israel with seven different choreographies works ranging from works by Scarlatti and Spanish composer Antonio Albinz to works of folk music and flamenco music, the company is dancing in all styles of Spanish dance.

    “Lareal company  from Madrid is an excellent company that brings with it a light and quality program” – Ruth Eshel

    “Lareal Dance Company has captured the audience, thanks to outstanding work, youth and great technique” – Extramadura 7 diaz

  • Carmiel Festival 25/7
  • Jerusalem Theater 26/7
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  • Petah Tikva CC 27/7
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  • Haifa Auditorium 28/7
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  • Heichal Herzlia 29/7
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  • Israeli Opera House Tel Aviv 30/7
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