Blanca Li – Robot

    Robot is a magnificent and fascinating performance of visual arts and dance performed by eight Dancers and seven robots who learned how to dance!

    Blance Li is a Spanish choreographer, film director, dancer and actress. She has collaborated with Maywa Denki, when on her mind the complex relationships between machines and humans. This idea is translated to a one of a kind choreography for eight dancers, their moves activating musical instruments.

    Funny and touching 90 minutes that raises questions about what it is to be human, robot, and what is the technologic future holds us” (Allen Jaconbs, 2015)

    “Blance Li brings humans and robots into a futuristic, funny and touching show” (Le Parisian)

    “A brave experiment … Blance Li gives us a taste of fantasy and kitsch” (TELERAMA)

    “Robot is a reflection on a society relying on computers and electronics. This show is about the social addiction to technology, without being a boring thesis … strong visuals, mischievous choreography and blunt humor” (EL PAIS, 2013)

  • 25-28/10/2017 - Hamishkan Tel Aviv
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